Oho Ake


Oho Ake

We Provide:

The Position purpose is to represent and identify the responsibilities and obligations to ensuring and recognising Values and right of Māori through strenghtening mana in others.

Oho Ake works on the notion that when a tamariki/rangatahi comes to the attention of the NZ Police for offending, and enters the Youth Justice System under alternative action process, NZ Police can ellect to give the tamariki/rangatahi the option of working with Tūhoe Hauora to address the offending and the underlying issues associated to the behaviour.

Oho Ake is founded on the key principle of Mauri Ora (State of wellbeing) Mauri Ora focuses on the wellbeing of the tamariki/rangatahi and their whānau hapu and iwi.

We Aim To:

We will assist in developing strategies and plans to advance the holistic healing and well-being of mokopuna, tamariki and rangatahi and their whānau in an environment and timeframe that meets their needs and cultural diversity.

Referral Entry:

New Zealand Police.