Rakeiwhenua Trust, trading as Tūhoe Hauora has been delivering health services for more than 15 years – catering predominantly for the health needs of Māori.  Tūhoe Māori in particular, have a high proportion of low income earners and have experienced negative health service delivery in the past, resulting in poor health and social outcomes for our communities.

While the Trust has experienced its share of trials and setbacks, each year has seen Tūhoe Hauora go from strength to strength, both in the range of programmes we offer and in the number and nature of our consumers.

The platform of being a Tūhoe health provider, on which the Trust was established, has been further enhanced by our organisation being mandated by Tūhoe Hapū.  This is a significant strategy from the Trust’s perspective, as mandate means that the wider Tūhoe community has declared an interest in the wellbeing of the Trust and more importantly, the outcomes we achieve for consumers through our programmes and other services delivered.

We welcome feedback and are particularly interested in hearing of any opportunities for new or increased services within our communities.  If you have any questions regarding any of our programmes and/or other services delivered, please feel free to contact us.